A Look at the Samsung S21 Ultra


Samsung has once again upped the ante when it comes to mobile technology, debuting the much-ballyhooed S 21 Ultra. The name is pretty self-explanatory: it’s the next model after the Note series – and it promises to be the best mobile phone that money can buy. Bringing the high levels of user experience and user friendliness of the Note series to a whole new level, the S 21 Ultra puts Samsung directly into competition with the iPhone and other smartphone giants. Here are some of the highlights. samsung s21 ultra

Design – The camera on the Samsung S21 Ultra is simply beautiful. Launched with sporty material all around and a distinct shape, the camera is designed to fit the hand, while also ensuring that it remains relatively unnoticeable. Coming with high grade mirror, lens and high-tech image stabilisation, the S 21 Ultra should provide you with years of pleasurable use. Plus, it’s great for taking stills.

Screen quality – The touch screen on Samsung’s S 21 isn’t really the best on phones. It’s still very fast, however, and responds instantly to any movement on the screen. The contrast and colour accuracy of the screen are surprisingly good, which is surprising given the relatively low HDTV resolution. However, if you’re looking at a budget phone then this isn’t likely to matter.

Connectivity – The S 21 has a few additions that are pretty handy. There’s a micro USB port for charging your phone, as well as a headphone port (for connecting to a headset). There’s also a built-in FM radio that you can adjust the volume of using the touch screen. The phone also supports a micro USB port for charging your laptop. As you’d expect, these add ons are very convenient.

Battery life – Unfortunately, this one is a bit underwhelming. The battery life of smartphones is usually very poor, but the S 21 lasts only around 5 hours on average. The screen brightness makes everything appear brighter, but it’s not enough to make reading text easy. In short, you’ll probably be better off buying a separate mobile phone. If you do need a lot of usage, however, it’s fine to carry it out for short periods.

Design – The S 21 Ultra is a little different to other Samsung phones. With a flat, oval body and a smooth edge on the back, it looks like it could slip out of your hands. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen thanks to a soft-touch body and a hard metal back. The phone’s appearance is very sleek, but you’ll probably struggle to take a picture of anything with it. On the plus side, this phone looks great and is very convenient if you want to instantly get a photo or video out of it.

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