Good Cat Toys That Provide Fun and Exercise For You and Your Cat

For cat lovers, enjoying their furry friend includes more than just cuddle time. Cats are extremely playful and personable. They enjoy human interaction and will also spend hours playing alone with their favorite toys. Whether it is a random household object discovered accidentally or a fancy store bought toy, cats enjoy a variety of playthings. It is important that these toys are designed to promote maximum mental and physical stimulation for the overall health and well being of your cat. Let’s take a look at a few Scratch and Purr  popular choices for cat toys.

An assortment of ball cat toys will keep your kitty happy and entertained. Crinkle balls provide sound stimulation which is intriguing. Easy for the cat to manipulate, they are lightweight which makes it possible for your cat to toss them around from paw to paw. Catnip balls not only interest them through scent, but usually contain bells for added fun. Some are weighted, causing the balls to roll in unpredictable patterns and creating somewhat of a life-like simulation. Balls with feathers attached create a bird-like illusion and stimulate visual and textural interest. Yarn balls are always a great choice, and many manufacturers are adding glow in the dark features for increased visual interest.

Motorized toys have become popular options for cat toys. Battery operated mice placed inside paper bags or underneath small rugs can provide great entertainment and stimulation. A small rotating tower with a string or ribbon attached will engage and challenge your cat, providing both a physical and mental workout. Automated balls containing small stuffed animals help trigger the cat’s natural hunt and chase instinct and will provide hours of captivating activity. Laser projectors create mesmerizing images on walls and ceilings that will fascinate and entertain your cat as they chase and attack the constantly moving beam of light.

The important thing to remember when purchasing cat toys is to provide something that will mentally engage your cat’s interest, and at the same time provide an opportunity for the animal to exert physical energy. This will greatly diminish the likelihood of your cat getting into trouble by bothering things that are not meant to be toys. Also, make sure the toy is safe. Check for choking hazards and be certain there are no toxic components.



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