How to Buy a Skateboard

The world keeps coming up with new ways of entertainment and enjoyment. The skateboard is one of the more recent additions to the fascination of the youth of the 21st Century. Most adolescents fall in love with a skateboard after watching the pros in action. The skateboarding is indeed very attractive to all young people because it is daring, it is creative and it definitely is full of action.

As soon as you find yourself in love with this new sport, you would definitely look forward to buy a skateboard for yourself. Most likely you would have a few friends along with you who would be able to guide you in how to buy a skateboard. In case you do not, there following few lines would be helpful since you would find here a mini guide of sorts:

1. Be ready for the cost – a skateboard – a quality skateboard – does not come cheap; and remember, cheap skateboard have no quality. Hence, if you want to have a good head start in this sport, be ready to loosen your purse strings and pay what it takes to get a good quality skateboard. You should expect it to cost something around US $100 for a decent board. electric skateboard spares

2. Choosing your deck the best choice here would be one without any logos or graphics, as these are usually coming from designer labels and accordingly the cost would be multiplied accordingly. As it is the designs would fade away pretty soon owing to the fact that a decent amount of skateboarding would scratch it off soon enough. You should buy 7 ply or 9 ply deck for best results (this means that there are 7 or 9 layers of ply respectively) and pay close attention to its shape. A good skateboard should be decently curved in the kicktails.

3. Pay Attention to the Trucks – this is a very important trait for the beginners. Pay close attention to the trucks. If these are not f good quality your skateboard would go for a toss the first time you really try something serious. Beware of the cheap imitation of skateboards. Always buy from reputed retail outlets after closely verifying the details.

4. The Importance of Bearings and Wheels – the bearing are very important in the way you would be able to master your skateboard. The speed of your skateboard is measured by a specific value – called the ABEC value. This lowest measurement here is the AA value – which indicates that the skateboard can hardly pull itself along. The minimum best would be ABEC 3 and it goes on with 5, 7 and 9. For a beginner the best would be to start with ABEC 3 (or maximum 5). This would ensure that the skateboard is free enough for you to practice some early tricks, while it would slow enough not to literally slip off from under your feet.

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