How to Ensure You Are Giving Your Reptile Proper Care

Proper reptile care mostly involves establishing an environment that as closely as possible resembles the natural environment of the animal. In order to be a good owner of a reptile pet, you will need to read up on the different species available to you, make the basic choices on identification (species, type), sex, and group or individual type. When you know these things you can begin to set up the environment for your new pet(s). reticulated python pet

The size and design of the enclosure will depend on your new pet type, for example arboreal species (tree dwellers) need housing with good vertical space. Terrestrial species (land dwellers) will need housing with good floor space. You will need to know the necessary temperature range, lighting type, ground surface type, water availability, ‘hide box’ requirements, food type and supplements and of course what the cost of all these things will be. You will want the enclosure to be easy to clean, easy to view the inhabitant, and absolutely secure. Security is pretty high on the list where reptile care is concerned. Nothing makes neighbors more nervous than the request ‘Can you help me find my lost snake?’ You will want to have your environment set up and tested before you bring your new pet home.

Reptile care involves being aware that they absorb their warmth from the sun, and likewise, they get cool by moving to shade out of the sun. It is critical that you have installed adequate temperature regulation for your new pet. Basking lamps, rock heaters and red-bulb nightlights will help your pet stay warm. Lizard lagoons, habba huts and plants help to give shady areas to keep them cool. Help your reptile pets avoid stress by providing a ‘hide box’. Reptiles are easily stressed out in home atmospheres – they are unused to being looked at! By providing them a place to retreat and hide they will deal with the stress better and live longer happier lives.

Reptiles are best suited as pets in homes where there are no children – young children rarely have the patience or delicacy to effectively deal with reptiles without causing stress. Reptiles also are known carriers of the salmonella virus and children are more susceptible to this than adults. With a few precautions though, and proper preparation reptiles can make strange and fascinating pets. If you choose to get a reptile pet take the time to read up on reptile care, make a choice on type of pet suited to you and prepare an environment that they will enjoy before you welcome them home.


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